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Signs You Need To Call An Extermintor


If you've ever seen pests in your home, you know how important it is to get rid of them. And fast! Cockroaches, bed bugs, rats and mice and more: these creatures can make you sick, damage your property and disrupt your life. But how do you know when to call an exterminator? Here are five signs that pest control services are needed:


Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in homes. They can be difficult to get rid of and can cause allergies, as well as carry diseases such as salmonella and gastroenteritis. They also damage property by eating through food packaging, leaving behind stains on walls and floors, and contaminating foods with their droppings.

Because cockroaches are so hard to get rid of once they have infested your home or office space, it's important that you contact an exterminator immediately if you suspect an infestation has occurred at all!

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They're reddish-brown in color, and can be found in hotels, apartments, homes and dorm rooms. Bed bugs are difficult to detect because they hide during the day and come out at night to feed on you while you sleep! Bed bugs can also spread diseases like typhus or hepatitis B through their bites -- yikes!

Bed bug extermination is essential if you've been bitten or suspect that there may be an infestation in your home or apartment building. Contact us today so we can help get rid of those nasty little critters once and for all!

Rats and mice

If you suspect rats or mice have taken up residence in your home, it's important to act quickly. They can do serious damage to the structure of your house and cause health problems for you and your family. Here are some signs that indicate rodent activity:

  • Unexplained noises during the night

  • Strange smells coming from vents or other areas of the house (like a musty odor)

  • Droppings on floors, countertops and other surfaces

Ants and other insects

Ants, fleas and ticks are common household pests that can cause damage to your home as well as transmit diseases. Ants will also leave behind pheromones that attract other ants to your home. The most common type of ant in the United States is the carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus), which ranges from 1/8" to 3/4" long with a reddish brown body and black head. If you see these types of ants around your home or business then there is likely an infestation nearby!

If you have pets or children then it's important that you get rid of any pest problems before they become a problem for them too because many household pests carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever which can be transmitted through bites from insects such as fleas & ticks; mosquitoes; lice; bedbugs etc...

If left untreated these insects will continue breeding until there are enough numbers for them all at once so if one gets into the house then chances are good others will follow soon after unless steps are taken immediately."

Mosquitos and flies

Mosquitos and flies are a threat to public health. Mosquitos can carry diseases like West Nile virus, malaria and yellow fever; flies can transmit parasitic worms that cause diarrhoea in humans.

Insecticides control these pests by killing them on contact or by attacking their eggs and larvae in the soil. They're available as aerosols, foggers (pressurized cans), sprays or baits for indoor use only.

Spiders, scorpions and tarantulas

When you think of spiders, you probably think of a small creature that crawls around your house. You might also envision an eight-legged monster with an appetite for flies and other insects. While these are both true, there are some facts about these creatures that may surprise you:

  • Spiders are not dangerous to humans unless they're poisonous or really angry at you for stepping on them. If this happens, seek medical attention immediately!

  • Tarantulas can be found in Arizona but aren't often encountered by humans because they don't like being out during the day when we're awake and active. They're mostly nocturnal and prefer dark places where they can hide from predators like birds (who would eat them if given half a chance).

If you need to exterminate pests, call Old Towne Termite and Pest Control.

Pests are a serious problem and can be very dangerous to people and pets if not treated properly. If you think that a bug is just a little fly or spider, then chances are it's probably something much worse! Pest control companies have trained professionals who will come out and inspect your home or business and identify what kind of pest is causing the issue so they can get rid of it safely and efficiently. Exterminators are also able to help with all kinds of pests including ants, roaches, termites and more! Old Towne Termite and Pest Control is licensed by the state in which they operate as well as insurance providers such as AIG (American International Group), making them one of the safest options when dealing with these dangerous creatures..


Pest control is a necessary part of life. If you have pests in your home or business, it's important to get them taken care of as soon as possible. We hope this article has given you some insight into why it's so important to call an exterminator when there are pests in your home or business!